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Dalmatian Ceramic Garlic Grater Plate and Bowls 3 sizes

Dalmatian Ceramic Garlic Grater Plate and Bowls 3 sizes

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This beautiful yet functional plate will change the way you bring flavour into your cooking. With many designs to choose from, they also make an amazing gift for the master chef in your kitchen. Each is triple glazed, lead free and dishwasher safe. These ceramic plates have been used in different cultures that date back to 11th Century in Rome, India and Japan. They are also made with materials that have low environmental  impact.

  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quick, easy to use and hygienic
  • Safe on hands and nails


Small, Medium, Large


- Tomato for breakfast toast or to make a tomato sauce.
- Onion, garlic and carrot to make a flavor base as if it were a vegetable stock cube.
- Parmesan cheese. From the grater plate directly on your plate.
- Ginger to cook, to make soft drinks or infusions of ginger that is so good and healthy for digestive health.
- Turmeric. Good anti-inflammatory and essential ingredient in a good curry sauce.
- Potato. To make a French omelette with grated potato and grated garlic... just as you hear it.
- Apple. Grated apple on a little yogurt with cinnamon and molasses.
- Strawberry grated on yoghurt or on a pancake.
- Zucchini grated for the omelette or vegetable stir-fry.
- Radish grated for the salad or a sauce with a spicy point.
- Nutmeg. When freshly grated, this is the secret of the croquette.
- Grated almonds on any dessert or to replace cheese in pasta dishes.
- Cucumber grated for a rich tzaziki sauce.

-Jalapeno grated for Salsa or Guacomole.

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